The chorale wishes to thank each and every person in the community that has made our fundraiser for the children of Ukraine a success.  

Donate to the Santa Cruz Chorale

Dear Friends of the Santa Cruz Chorale,

Please help the Chorale continue its tradition of distinctive vocal music in Santa Cruz County. Our ticket income covers only about 34% of the cost of producing concerts. We must raise the remaining 66% from grants and donations.

Please join our treasured group of donors and sponsors by contributing to the Santa Cruz Chorale. Your tax deductible gift will help us pay for soloists and instrumentalists, providing much needed support for these fine musicians.

You may use our convenient online secure service by clicking the donate button on this page, or mail a check to this address:

The Santa Cruz Chorale
P.O. Box 272
Santa Cruz, CA, 95061

Thank you very much for your support!

  • Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County
  • Tom Pennello
  • Bruce and Diane Bridgeman
  • Patricia and Rowland Rebele
  • Anonymous
  • Kathleen and Gerald Bowden of the Kayjer Fund
  • Paul Lawton and Patty Durkee
  • Gabrielle Stocker Family Fund
  • Niel Warren
  • Lisa Ahorner
  • Evelyn Daly
  • Alexander Gaguine and Eileen Balian
  • Don and Donelle Gartner
  • Robert Kraft
  • Irene H. Osterbrock
  • Lynn Wenzel and Robert Finke
  • Stanley Williamson and Carol Panofsky-Williamson
  • Wendy Wyckoff
  • David and Mary Alice Copp
  • Niki M. Davis
  • Craig Engen
  • Kathleen and James Hatfield
  • Gary and Diane Hintz
  • Robert Ley
  • Diane Magor
  • Carolyn Miller
  • Mission Tile
  • Frank Ramirez
  • Ristorante Avanti
  • Anne Schoepp
  • Mary Selby
  • Werner J. Stamm
  • Hilary Stinton
  • Mary Wieland