Cantabella Children’s Chorus

The Cantabella Children’s Chorus is particularly exciting for me because a few years ago, as a music educator, I attended the National MusicEducator’s Conference. One of the highlights of this particular conference is the opportunity to hear top performing groups from all over the country. Any group you hear will be of high quality, but as with all conferences, there will be a few in the “sterling” category. Eileen Chang’s, Cantabella Children’s Chorus was one of these. Their singing was musical, perfectly in tune,with a great sense of ensemble. It was a compelling performance. When they finished, I wished there was more. They have now won a number of awards both nationally and internationally. I’m not surprised. The Chorale will welcome our guests by contributing two pieces to their program, and Director Chang will conduct both choirs as they sing one selection together.

Come to this concert; you’ll be in for a treat.

Rosella Crawford-Bathurst
Alto, Santa Cruz Chorale

Concert Info
Sunday, Mar 24, 2019
Holy Cross Church
126 High Street
Tickets can be purchased on the Santa Cruz Chorale website or at the door.