Upcoming radio concert “Radio Christmas with the Chorale”

We invite you to the upcoming concert “Radio Christmas with the Chorale”, a broadcast of favorite Christmas pieces performed by the Santa Cruz Chorale in concert at Holy Cross Church in Santa Cruz.  As you probably know, the Santa Cruz Chorale will not be having our yearly Christmas concert.  We are dearly missing you, our audience.  Music director Christian Grube has selected memorable performances from past Christmas concerts for a very special Christmas concert on KSQD (90.7FM).  If you are similarly missing us, please tune in to the Sunday Morning Classical Fog Lift on December 20th from 9AM to 11AM.

The Santa Cruz Chorale has been a notable part of the Bay Area performing arts scene for more than thirty-five years, and is known and loved throughout the Santa Cruz County community for producing exciting, distinctive and ambitious concerts. The Chorale’s singers, who live throughout the greater Monterey Bay area, include graduate students, computer professionals, business people, politicians, pastors, attorneys, researchers, consultants, UCSC faculty and staff, high school and grade school teachers, physicians, engineers, and parents of small children. Although several members of the Chorale are professional musicians and some direct musical groups of their own, all volunteer their time, and most are amateurs in the original sense of that word: people who seriously pursue an art for the love of it.

 Christian Grube has been Artistic Director and Conductor of the Santa Cruz Chorale since 2006, following a distinguished career as a choral conductor and professor at the Berlin University of Arts, where the choirs he directed frequently toured Europe, North and South America, the former Soviet Union, Egypt, Israel, Korea, Taiwan, and Africa. These concert tours included lectures and workshops, as well as radio and television productions. He has served as guest conductor and held choral workshops and conducting master classes in Sweden, Spain, Russia, Israel, Korea, and the United States.

 A whole generation of singers in German choirs has studied with Christian Grube or his students. His students have become conducting professors, music teachers, and opera singers around the world. In recognition of the international influence of his work, Christian Grube was awarded the National Medal for Distinguished Service, the highest civilian honor given by the German government.

The annual Christmas concert of the Santa Cruz Chorale under Music Director Christian Grube, sung in Holy Cross Church on Mission Plaza, is a highlight of the holiday season for many families. This year, as the Chorale awaits the time when they can sing together again with patience and hope, we offer you this musical gift: Radio Christmas with the Chorale.